Christmas Community Charity – Christmas Dreams

Christmas Dreams.

“Those who give to the poor, lend to God.” (Proverbs 19:17)

 King Williams’ outreach program for children living in poverty will continue for Christmas 2020.  Due to Covid-19 there will be, however, some changes.

 Social Services has advised us that for this season’s drive, they will be asking for donations in cash or for Walmart’s gift cards.  Once all the donations are collected, chaperones will go to Walmart to buy the gifts that are going to be given to children registered with Social Services.  King William staff will see that all the children receive about the same amount, and that only those things in the approved lists will be bought.

 St David’s has agreed to sponsor a number of kids, asking for donors to write checks to St David’s, marked “Christmas Dreams.”  Once all donations are collected, the Vestry will decide on an extra funding to “top off” our church donations.

 Donations – either checks or Walmart’s gift cards – will be collected until Sunday, November 15, 2020.  Would you please let us know if you would be willing to join us?